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My Beliefs and Values

My Beliefs and Values

When I first started printing my drawings onto tea towels, beliefs and values didn’t really enter my mind, I just wanted to make something interesting and different. Now I have a business that’s beginning to grow beyond just me and a squeegee. This is great but it also means I going to have to start making decisions about what kind of company I want to be. Luckily so far I’ve been able to choose some great people to work with. I know that this will become more difficult as I go along but that is all part of...

Experimenting in the Studio

Experimenting in the Studio

I haven’t been able to make anything new in so long. One of the downsides of the past year, however, I ordered some new screens to be delivered and I was so excited when I arrived. I thought it would be fun to have a play with my new Swiss chard illustration. I actually drew it exactly one year ago in lockdown 1, inspired by a post by @my_little_allotment. I didn’t have all of the colours I wanted but I thought I would have a crack anyway. To be honest I wasn’t completely satisfied with the...

My Style: Handmade, Countryside and Unique

My Style: Handmade, Countryside and Unique

One of the great things about doing blog posts is that they forces you to take a moment to stop and look at your work in order to be able to talk about it. I like to do things with my hands, whether it’s drawing, mixing colours, sewing or screen printing. I have started to dabble in photoshop this year but it certainly doesn’t come naturally to me. I’m much more at home with a pen, paint and a pair of scissors. I also think that this helps my work to stand out a little, as it’s uniquely mine.

My First Make Your Own Lampshade Workshop

Lampshade Printing Workshop Norfolk

On Sunday I held my first Make Your Own Lampshade Workshop.

We had such a creative group who all brought along great ideas, which we turned into some fantastic stencils.

Craft Workshop Norfolk

We also learned how to mix inks to match the colour of their home before having a go at screen printing their brilliant designs.

Learn a new skill Norfolk

We had a little break for veggie chilli and cake (thanks Mum) before building our lampshades. I was so so impressed...

Build Your Own Lampshade Workshop


Norfolk Lampshade Workshop

I'm really excited to announce my very first workshop. It's something I get asked all the time so after a lot of preparation I'm really looking forward to it.

Build your own lampshade with Lottie Day!

Sunday 5th April, 9am - 5pm

Hindolveston Village Hall, Norfolk, NR20 5FA

This one day workshop workshop will teach you the simple technique of stencil screen printing onto fabric.

I'll teach you how to mix your own colour inks, before printing and making your own lampshade.

You can design your own...