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Pop-Up Shop in Holt

Lottie Day Shop Holt

I'm really excited to announce that I'm setting up a Pop-Up Shop in Holt this Summer.

Gift Shop Holt

I'm working with the brilliant people at #LoveHolt and will be printing and selling my products for an initial six weeks.

Lampshades Gift Feathers

The shop will be open from 23rd July, Tuesday - Saturday from 10am-5pm.

You can find it in Feathers Yard, Market Place, Holt, NR25 6BF.

If you know Holt, it's right next to Budgens!


Introducing: Allotment and Hare Placemats

Vegetable Hare Placemats

They're finally here!

After many requests from customers and hours in the studio, I'm really excited to introduce my new placemats.

Handmade Turnip Allotment Vegetable Placemat

Allotment and Norfolk Hare placemats are available in screen printed gift boxes of six and eight and are designed to compliment my popular collection of napkins.

Handmade Hare Placemat

Can't see your favourite design yet? Don't worry,...

Adding Labels to Handmade Napkins

Labels in Napkins

After years of selling products online and at fairs, I’ve finally added a label! I have no idea why this took so long but I’m glad it’s finally happened. I’ve had people receive my products as presents and not knowing who made it, then they bump into me at a craft fair and are delighted. So here is a close up of my napkin, complete with Lottie Day label.

Screenprinting Tools and Materials

Screenprinting in Norfolk

These are my screens. They are the bedrock of my whole business. My collections has slowly grown over the years. Where would I be without them?

My Tools for Screenprinting

Screenprinting tools

I know we’re doing tools tomorrow but here is a flatlay of the things I use every day to create my work. I keep my ink in big peanut butter tubs, luckily we eat a lot of peanut butter on toast in my house. Then there is an old spoon nabbed from my Mum’s kitchen drawer, I used this to dollop the ink onto my screen. Brown tape is used to block out the parts of the screen I don’t want. Scissors used to cut material. Then there is my squeegee (great word) that I...