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Screenprinting Tools and Materials

Screenprinting in Norfolk

These are my screens. They are the bedrock of my whole business. My collections has slowly grown over the years. Where would I be without them?

My Tools for Screenprinting

Screenprinting tools

I know we’re doing tools tomorrow but here is a flatlay of the things I use every day to create my work. I keep my ink in big peanut butter tubs, luckily we eat a lot of peanut butter on toast in my house. Then there is an old spoon nabbed from my Mum’s kitchen drawer, I used this to dollop the ink onto my screen. Brown tape is used to block out the parts of the screen I don’t want. Scissors used to cut material. Then there is my squeegee (great word) that I...

How I Started as a Textile Designer

Cow Illustration

This is one of the first illustrations I used for screenprinting. I actually studied contemporary crafts at Falmouth Universtity in Cornwall. I specialized in metalwork and automata. Then for various reasons I decided to take up screenprinting textiles. I’m not a trained illustrator, textile designer or screenprinter but I’ve managed to teach myself and learn along the way. I still like my rectangle cow, maybe I should bring him back?

Screenprinting a Feather Lampshade

Handmade Feather Lampshade

Here is a shot of me making my feather lampshade. Lampshades are definitely my favourite to make because it often involves some kind of personalisation. Customers often choose a design from one of my napkins and then a colour to match their home. Lampshades can be quite tricky to make but like everything, practice makes perfect!

Hare Lampshade in Country Living Magazine

Hare Lampshade Country Living Magazine

Pick up a copy of the latest issue of Country Living Magazine and you'll see my Hare Lampshade included in the beautiful emporium page. All the products featured will be on display at the Country Living Spring Fair from 28-31 March. 

I'll be there on stand C34 so come and say hello.

I also have a limited number of complimentary tickets so send me an email if you fancy!