New: Garden Veg Napkin Gift Set

New: Garden Veg Napkin Gift Set

I'm so excited to introduce my NEW Garden Vegetable Napkins.

I began working on these designs back in January, it was a very dark time, in more ways than one. It's often a gloomy time of year but with lockdown and general worrying news, it was especially tough. I had no access to my studio at the time and was working out of the box room in my terraced house. I think the designs are a response to that situation, I think without realising, I really wanted to add some colour to my life!

The gift box consists of six different illustrations; Purple Beetroot, Pink Neep, Yellow Sugar Beet, Green Beans, Broccoli and Leek. The colours are definitely brighter than I've produced before, I'm really happy to be releasing something bold.

Here in the UK, things are beginning to look a little brighter than they have for a while. We're beginning to see friends and family again, so I'm hoping these napkins will find their way onto some garden, and soon, dining room tables, as we begin to reconnect with loved ones and talk about brighter days ahead.

My Garden Veg Napkins are on sale now, be sure to sign up to my mailing list for a special introductory offer.

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