Allotment Produce

I grew up in a small village in North Norfolk called Hindolveston.

It’s a beautiful place with a bowling green and a pop-up cinema in the village hall.

I’ve always loved spending time with my Father as he works on his allotment.


He grows all sorts of things and whenever he pulls something interesting out of the ground, I take snaps for illustration ideas.


So far his produce has inspired an entire collection of allotment-themed textiles!


My work has always been inspired by the landscape of my home county and it’s inhabiting wildlife. My process always begins with an escape from the studio, that’s where the allotment comes in.

I use the process of screen-printing to produce my designs, building up layered images by pulling ink through a stretched silk screen.


I print onto soft natural cotton napkins, I like to mix my own colours and experiment with different designs and combinations.


Learning how to screen-print is one of the best things I ever did. It gave me the power to adapt my illustrations into all kinds of exciting creations. Screenprinting is a really satisfying process, it’s almost addictive!


You have to learn to embrace your mistakes, as there will be plenty of them! Sometimes though, your mistakes become great innovations. Screenprinting by hand also means that each product is a totally unique item.