Country Living Spring Fair 2016

Lottie Day Country Living

It was great to be back at the Country Living Fair to celebrate the coming of Spring!

I had an amazing time taking part in the Christmas Fair, where I was lucky enough to win the Editors Choice Award!

Lottie Day Shopping Bag

I'm always a bit nervous ahead of big shows like this, as they can be quite a big investment. However I was encouraged by my success at the Christmas Fair and I felt that my products fitted the Spring/Easter theme quite well.

Lottie Day Feather Napkins

This was also my first opportunity to try out my new-and-improved napkin boxes. It was definitely a big step to change my most successful product...but I received a really positive reaction and had actually ran out by the final day. 

Lottie Day

I also debuted my new ceramic mugs! I've previously produced a few small runs of mugs in the past, this time however I managed to find a manufacturer that could produce a screen printed design, which fits really nicely with my other ranges.

Lottie Day Feather Mug

My new mugs will be available in my online store very soon!

Lottie Day Hare Shopping BagThese big shows can be daunting but they also represent a great chance to try out new products, get some valuable feedback as well meeting some lovely people.

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