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My First Pop-Up Shop

Lottie Day Pop Up Shop

Last weekend I put together my very first pop-up shop.

This year I've taken part in a number of craft and trade fairs as well bigger events such as the Country Living Fair. However, I've never been able to work with a space that's more than a couple of meters wide!

Lottie Day Pop Up Shop

So this was a great opportunity to display my full range of handmade products: Tea Towels, Napkins, Aprons, Shopping Bags, Lampshades, Babygrows and of course my Screenprinted Double Deckchairs.

Lobster and Lemon Tea Towels

The process of screen-printing involves a lot of experimentation, so opening a pop-up shop is a perfect way to make the most of my more unique creations!

Lottie Day Handmade Napkins

The Assembly house have been really supportive of my work since day one, so it was once again very kind of them to let me take over the Hobart Room, which is currently hosting a brilliant exhibition by Norwich artist Leanda Jaine Hughes.

Lottie Day Pop Up Shop

It was a great way to end off a busy but exciting year, I hope a few people managed to find a bargain.

Lottie Day Pop Up Shop

Fancy picking up a last minute gift in my online store?

Just use the code 'Merry Christmas' at the checkout to get 20% Discount! 

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