Screen Printed Baby Grow

Screen Printing Studio Norwich

This week our good friends Tom and Fiona welcomed their first child into the world.

She is an absolutely beautiful little girl called Elizabeth Rosa Hickin.

I was trying to think of a nice way to say "Congratulations!" - so I thought I'd make them something.

I realised that the screens I usually use to print my napkin sets might do the job, so I popped out to the high street and picked up a few blank baby grows. 

I produced one baby grow with my Lobster & Lemon design on the front and back.

Here's another featuring my Norfolk Hare illustration, they ended up looking really cute!

A couple of people at work really liked them and have asked me to make more, so I've added them to my shop in case anyone else fancies one.

Tom and Fiona kindly sent me a photo of Elizabeth sporting her new look. 

Isn't she lovely??! I'm a big fan of her giraffe feet!

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